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Air Quality Services: 4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Air in Your Home

While ACs come with many advantages, their continued use lowers the quality of air in most homes. For an AC system to function correctly, you must close your house. In turn, indoor air gets trapped, together with dust particles. Consequently, occupants inhale these particles in the trapped air, resulting in allergies and respiratory conditions.

Therefore, it's vital to understand how to improve air quality in your home. Here are four ways you can ensure excellent quality of air in your indoor spaces. 

Assess Your Home

It's imperative to have clean air in your home, but if you have doubts, air quality consulting services can help you locate the problem. Various particles and chemicals can cause air contamination. The most common may be the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, pesticides and moulds. These elements are harmful to human health and can cause illnesses and discomfort. 

Improve Ventilation in Your Home

Proper indoor ventilation is crucial and involves connecting your exhaust fans to external vents. Besides, adequate ventilation for the attic and other vital areas within the house is essential. Furthermore, you can choose to use dehumidifiers in areas like the basement to discourage mould formation. Also, avoid using non-vented cooking equipment. 

Regular House Cleaning 

Daily cleaning is essential in preventing the build-up of dirt and dust in your home. Additionally, it helps minimise allergens, pollen and dust mites within the house. During a regular cleaning, consider the use of natural cleaning products rather than chemicals and pesticides. 

Most off-the-shelf cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that pollute the air with residues. Luckily, most product manufacturers are aware of the risks caused by these products. This is the reason for the increased presence of organic natural products on the market today. 

Make Use of Air Filters

Filters are effective in cleaning up indoor air, but regular inspection is a must as well. Most importantly, you must replace your air filters every three months. Some filters are washable; hence you should clean them regularly. 


There are many other ways to improve air quality in your home, but these are the four most notable ways to do it easily. In case you have highly complicated issues with the quality of air in your home, do not be afraid to contact air quality consulting services for immediate help. They are essential in identifying common air quality problems and fixing them. Therefore, it's wise to work with the right company to improve air quality in your home. 

To learn more about your indoor air quality, contact an air quality consulting service in your area.